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Next deadline-- final script ideas needed by Aug 24!


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***Wed night 8/23/04-- final script meeting!***

Update: it involves a Wizard of Oz tribute... Go figure!


If you're interested in helping out, send us an e-mail! We need ideas for things you'd like to see in 3-D, and just any ideas in general are always encouraged. The more help you give, the more rib-tickling hilarity that will ensue!!!

Also let us know if you'd be interested in helping out with the production-- We need actors, extras, props, wardrobe, special effects, camerapeople, directors... Or you may just want to hang out, that's great too. No money, and are on a very low budget, but we promise that fun will abound!!! E-mail!!! Oh! And if you're a wealthy benefactor or advertiser, definitely e-mail us!!!!